When I’m not taking pictures I run Queer Film Night, an Edinburgh based monthly screening for the queer community. We platform independent, Indigenous and Scottish queer films and provide a space to talk about our experiences after the screenings. I am also a filmmaker and currently directing a documentary about the sense of alienation that some queer people who grew up in rural place feel both towards their rural home and city life. I am also working on an animated film about queer selkies with a wonderfully creative team. I just started a series of photo and video making workshop with my partner, Mitchell. And when I’m not busy making art, you often find me in the woods with my dog Edgar, wild swimming in the cold North Sea, or travelling somewhere on the West Coast in my campervan. 

Accessibility, safety and trust are three absolutely core values in my work and I always discuss these with clients before an event or photo shoot. It’s not just about what we want the pictures to look like, it’s also about how we can all feel seen and heard during the process.